On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
This website has not been updated since then. Learn more about the months of heroic resistance on war.ukraine.ua or stay here to discover Ukraine as it was – and will be again in peaceful times – beautiful, free, and full of opportunities.
Do not look away from the war


Want to combine sightseeing with gourmet meals and fine wine? Food and wine tours, also called enogastronomy tours, are here for you!

Come to Odesa and start your journey along the wine and taste route of the Ukrainian Bessarabia. During your journey you’ll explore lots of wineries, cheese dairies, meat delicacies, as well as natural and historical top-locations of the region. The route starts in Odesa and runs through the whole of Bessarabia. A huge number of nationalities are concentrated on a small territory, and gastronomy is an integral part of the national culture. 

Video: National Tourism Organization of Ukraine

Buy your tickets and plan your trip here. Everything is taken into account: how to get there, where to stay, what to see and most importantly where to eat and drink.

Tasty, safe, authentic and environmentally friendly food and wine tours are guaranteed!

Vinery in Berehove, Zakarpattia region
Photo: Chateau Chizay

Or choose the wine and taste route of Zakarpatia, which is amazing. The route includes local vineyards, cheese factories, tasting of special plum liquor, meeting regional meat producers, buffalo and snail farms as well as the First Transcarpathian Palincharyna (palinka — fruit vodka) with its fruit distillates.

A special emphasis is added by the Carpathian honey from the Association of Beekeepers ‘Silver Land’. Combined with the amazing nature of the Carpathian Mountains it’s just another must-to-do thing in Ukraine.

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