Now Ukraine has its official account on Spotify — Ukraine UA! We believe that wherever you come from or wherever you live, we understand and feel the emotions of each other. And also spread! Happiness, inspiration, sometimes sadness that we can share across countries and continents. It’s not necessary to see in order to feel, and our music builds bridges and creates connections. Whoever you are, I have a song for you…

if you feel inspired
like when you’re gazing at the stars from the Carpathian mountaintop

if you feel glad
like when your Ukrainian red borshch is red enough

if you feel blue
like when you discover the meaning of ‘zhurba’ — untranslatable Ukrainian type of sadness

if you feel the party vibe
like when you are ready to dance all night long at one of the Odesa bars

if you feel motivated
like when Klitschko is entering the boxing ring

if you fell Christmas
like when you start hearing Shchedryk / Carol of the Bells on every corner

Welcome to Spotify Ukraine! Enjoy the music.

This site has not been updated since the morning of February 24. At this time, Russia invaded Ukraine. From that very moment, Ukrainians “froze” at the end of winter. Do not look away from the war

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