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In 2019 HBO series devoted to the Chornobyl (not Chernobyl!) tragedy reminded the world about this very special place. Its Exclusion Zone is frightening and attracting in the meantime.

View of the new safe confinement arch above Chornobyl nuclear power plant through the prospect of abandoned Pripyat
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No worries — it’s safe now. To get to the Exclusion Zone you’ll have to pass through the dosimetry control checkpoint. And then the real stalker adventures will begin.

The total area of the exclusion zone is 2600 square km. 96 settlements were evacuated from the area. 2 towns — the town of Chornobyl, the town of Prypiat and 94 villages. The area is divided into 2 parts: 10km zone or zone of absolute resettlement — contaminated area and 30 km zone-kind of a buffer zone. The Chornobyl zone now represents the third-largest nature reserve in mainland Europe and became a popular tourist destination. A Tour to Chornobyl is truly an eye-opening adventure, which will print in your memory forever.

Dosimeter indicating radiation and enormous Duga radar complex in the background
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You’ll see the deserted ‘ghost’ town Prypiat and the shelter (a.k.a. ‘sarcophagus’) over the exploited reactor, you’ll here the detailed story of this place and also the story how the Soviet misleading led to the nuclear tragedy, you’ll have a chance to eat at the Chornobyl canteen (ecologically clean) and to to take a photo with robots and vehicles used to clean the radioactive fallout.

Interested? Visit this site for more information. Or google to find the group tours organized by the private travel companies. 

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Explore more about the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone on its official website.

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