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Chernivtsi is one of the most multinational cities in Ukraine and one of the cultural capitals, where UNESCO World Heritage Site and 600-year-old buildings have been preserved. One can say Chernivtsi has its own vibe, and that’s true. Just look!

The city was founded in the 12th centure in the valley of the Prut River. Interestingly, the name ‘Chernivtsi’ comes from the Old Slavic word ‘black’ or ‘black garden’ because the defensive walls of the fortress were precisely black. 

Due to its advantageous location and the passage of important trade routes through it, Chernivtsi has become a major trading point. 

Because the Eastern Slavs and Eastern Romans are close to the ethnic borders of different states, the city has become a multinational, multicultural and multi-religious centre. As a result, many national groups, languages, cultures, and religions coexist and interact peacefully there. A great place to explore!

Our top (and sometimes unobvious) recommendations for you:

1. Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans 

This is a must-visit place in Chernivtsi! The Residence is not only one of the Architectural Wonders of Ukraine with a great history but also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Now it’s home to Chernivtsi National University.

The architectural ensemble impresses with its beauty and grandeur. You can walk around the university for hours, admiring fantastic murals, majestic halls, a landscape park and a fairy atmosphere. It is not for nothing that Chernivtsi University received another unofficial name — ‘Ukrainian Hogwarts’, where you can take adorable photos.

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2. Olha Kobylianska Street

Ancient street with some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. There is a lovely legend that the sidewalks near this street were swept with bouquets of roses earlier. Before, the most fashionable restaurants, cafes, cinemas and banks were located on Olha Kobylianska Street. It is a cosy and picturesque pedestrian street with many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. This is the most famous street in the city, where locals and tourists come for a walk. 

Olha Kobylianska Street in the evening
Photo: Maksym Prysiazhniuk, Wikimedia

3. Ship house

An unusual building, the shape of which resembles a ship. One legend says that a wealthy merchant built the house as a gift to his brother, a sailor who was very nostalgic for ships. 

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Don’t forget to try aromatic coffee in Chernivtsi. We’re sure that majestic architectural monuments, magnificent temples, ancient squares, cosy streets, and friendly passers-by are forever etched in your memory after your visit.

Text by Kateryna Martyniuk

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