Once a peninsula of freedom and joy. Now Crimea turned into an island entirely lacking in freedom under Russia’s temporary occupation.

Unfortunately, right now we don’t have the possibility to invite you to the Ukrainian peninsula. Since 2014 Crimea has been occupied by the Russian Federation. 

Our lovely place of freedom where you could explore noble palaces, enjoy a unique climate, drink special house wines and of course swim at the Black Sea has become a militarized base where human rights are being violated on a daily basis. 

We warn you not to visit Crimea until its sovereignty has been restored by Ukraine. Such a visit would lead to sanctions being imposed by the Ukrainian Government — for some time you would be prohibited from visiting Ukraine

And we don’t want to miss you! 

If you want to see and feel the spirit of Crimea through memories and feelings of people who were born there but had to leave their homeland due to Russia’s temporary occupation, check out this project with the famous Crimean Tatars.

P.S. Rest assured that one day Crimea will be Ukrainian once again. And this section will become the biggest and most impressive of all! 


This site has not been updated since the morning of February 24. At this time, Russia invaded Ukraine. From that very moment, Ukrainians “froze” at the end of winter. Do not look away from the war

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