On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
This website has not been updated since then. Learn more about the months of heroic resistance on war.ukraine.ua or stay here to discover Ukraine as it was – and will be again in peaceful times – beautiful, free, and full of opportunities.
Do not look away from the war


Want to feel real medieval history? Then you’d better take a weekend trip to the amazing Kamianets-Podilskyi, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine.

Sunset view of the castle in Kamianets-Podilskyi
Photo: Oleksandr Kliuiko, Shutterstock

The town’s pearl is its ancient fortress dating back to the 11 century. It is considered to be one of the reference examples of the fortifications’ architecture in Central Europe.

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The whole city center, ‘Old Town’, is almost completely preserved from the Middle Ages. Add the view from the castle — and we now can’t understand why you are still on this site instead of buying the tickets.

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Not enough castles? Devote your second day of the trip to Khotyn, perhaps the most popular fortress in Ukraine. Its real medieval power makes a good and unforgettable appearance. Ukrainian Cossacks, Poland, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire used to compete for it due to its strategic geographical position. Hundreds of thousands of warriors had been coming here — to fight or to die. 

Despite this the fortress is surprisingly well preserved. Enjoy your promenade along the fortress wall or get down to the museum of tortures!  

Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress
Photo: Jarod Grey, Shutterstock

Our tip: hire the individual guide or join any tourist group. Your experience is automatically boosted! 

Our conclusion: It is impossible not to feel here the spirit of the ancient times and heroic battles of the past!  

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