The Carpathian Mountains — the place where you go skiing in winter and hiking in summer. A place you should jump at the chance to visit when the opportunity presents itself. 

Carpathian mountains at sunset
Photo: Iryna Palok

The Carpathians are the highest mountain range in Ukraine. Hoverla peak (2,061 metres) is the highest point — try it if you can! There are lots of tourist routes with different difficulty levels, nature and landscape parks, brooks and lakes all this is waiting for you! As well as popular ski and spa resorts. 

Sunrise on the highest mountain in Ukraine — Hoverla
Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy, Shutterstock

Travel on horseback or take the Carpathian tram (a unique Austro-Hungarian narrow-gauge railway)? Stay in a fashionable hotel with a luxury spa-center or rent a true village house somewhere in a mountain meadow? Experience peace and solitude staying alone or come with friends to have real fun? Feast on local specialties including banusz (creamy cornmeal topped with sheep-milk cheese, pork rind and mushrooms) or special mushroom broth?

Banosh with cheese and lard. Ukrainian cuisine
Photo: YARUNIV Studio, Shutterstock

Almost everything is on offer — the choice is yours! 

Still not sure? Maybe this video can help you! 

Video: Ukraїner
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