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What if we tell you that the portal to the world of magic and love is real? We even know its location: the village of Klevan, Rivne region, Ukraine. Well, to be more specific, it’s not a portal but a tunnel. The most romantic place in Ukraine and probably the whole world is the Tunnel of Love!

An arch-shaped 4-kilometre long corridor of majestic trees with the train truck in the middle, gorgeous at any time of the year. It fascinates tourists with all shades of green through spring and summer, with the palette of golden, orange, and red in the fall.

Tunnel of Love in autumn
Tunnel of Love in autumn
Photo: Depositphotos

In winter, it’s niveous with the snowy trees sparkling in the sun. In summer, the area is loved by both tourists and mosquitoes! So be sure to use insect repellent beforehand. Otherwise, they won’t let you enjoy your stroll in this magical place to the fullest. If you can’t bear mosquitos, come in autumn or winter. The tunnel always awaits you!

What can you do there except strolling?

Take photos. It’s a must!

The Ukrainian Tunnel of Love is a unique place with no analogues in Europe or the Americas. You can take regular travel photos for your Instagram or do a thematic photoshoot and dress up as royalty, legendary character, forest fairy, or whoever you’d like. Love story shootings are especially popular and always come out especially beautiful there.

Enjoy the nature

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to take some time off and just seize the moment. The tunnel is a perfect place to do so. Take a deep breath. Look at the skies through the treetops.

Confess your love

There’s no better place to propose or just open up about your feelings. And we are sure you’ll get a positive answer in such a special place.

Now that you’ve read all these exciting things and probably decided to go — you might wonder how the tunnel actually appeared? The railway was built there during the 1940s for military purposes. For better conspiracy, it was disguised by planted trees. Later a freight train from a woodworking plant began running there daily, knocking off some branches and shaping the arch in the tunnel even better.

— Do trains still run there?
— Yes, twice a day. They are aware of tourists and quite slow, yet you’ve got to be careful as well.

Tunnel of Love in 1 minute
Video: Ukraïner

Klevan is 350 km away from Kyiv, and the famous Tunnel of Love is, of course, indicated on Google Maps. See you there!

Text by Vira Hrabchuk

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