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alyona alyona & Jerry Heil at the first rehearsal on the main stage of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. Photo: Corinne Cumming / EBU


Since its debut in 2003, Ukraine has made a significant mark on the Eurovision Song Contest, with three victories to its name. Ukraine is also the only country at the Eurovision Song Contest to have qualified from every Semi-Final it has competed in.

Ukrainian artists are poised to uphold this fine tradition of successful performances at Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with strong voices and a powerful message. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, a collaboration of two unique artists, will perform the song “Teresa & Maria”.

The symbolism of Teresa & Maria song

The song presented by Ukraine for Eurovision 2024 sends the message about the power of women and unity and acts as a reminder that everybody can achieve great things. The lyrics “All the Divas were born as human beings” carry the major message, emphasizing that everyone starts small and that our deeds define who we are.

“In the faces of united women, we speak with our song about the necessity of unity for good deeds and important victories!” the performers emphasize. 

The track is also dedicated to the strength and resilience of Ukrainian women who are currently defending Ukraine, saving lives at the front and beyond, raising children, and continuing to live their lives no matter what. 

The song has already gained popularity among Ukrainian and European fans. As of Мау 2, 2024, Teresa & Maria have accumulated 5 million views on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, making it one of the most viewed entries of this year’s contest. In addition, the original performance of the song in the final of the Ukrainian National Selection for Eurovision 2024 gathered more than 1.8 million views.

Teresa & Maria song lyrics

Original text in Ukrainian

Джере-джере-джерело пробива собі шлях,
що би що би не було, світ на її плечах
мані-мані-манівці звивисті, скелясті
але знай: в твоїй руці твоє власне щастя

Давай, мала, палай
I’m not holy, I’m alive

З нами Мама Тереза і Діва Марія
Босі, ніби по лезу, йшли по землі
With us mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as the human beings

(приспів х2)

Навіть ще змаля ми шукали шлях
та життя – петля, ніби для тих, хто падає
На своїх плечах ще мале дівча
несе з болю чан і вбача, що то вада є

Знову не така, то надто м’яка,
одяг на кістках, голяка чи то під вінець
Де твоє дитя? Що твоє життя?
Та роки ж летять! І затям: скоро вже кінець

І хай хтось хоче аби ми зламались
хай бува в тобі заряду не по лікоть, а по палець
І хай хтось хова за посмішкою ненависть і заздрість,
коли ти пускаєш в серце гнів, добра й любові замість

Але в небі є святі, їх ноги бачили цю землю, знаєш,
твій тернистий шлях саме тому є не даремно
І хай буде дуже страшно й темно і часом не легко,
та з тобою завжди будуть з неба слідувати предки

(приспів х2)

Song lyrics in English

Spri-spri-spring carves its way,
no matter what, the world is on her shoulders
pa-pa-path is winding and rocky
but you should know: your own happiness is in your hands

Come on, little girl, light up
I’m not holy, I’m alive

Mother Teresa and Diva Maria are with us
Barefoot, as if on a blade, they walked on the ground
With us mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings

(refrain х2)

Even when we were little, we searched for a path,
And life is a loop, as if for those who are falling
On her shoulders, still a young girl,
She carries a burden of pain, seeing it as a flaw
Again not as she should be, or too tender,
Clothes on her bones, naked or going down the aisle
Where is your child? What is your life?
But the years are flying! You should be aware: the end is near

And may someone want us to break
May there be energy in you not the elbow-deep, but the finger-deep
And may someone hide hatred and envy behind a smile,
When you let anger into your heart, instead of kindness and love.

But there are saints in the sky, their feet have seen this earth, you know,
that’s why your thorny path is not in vain
And though it may be very scary and dark and sometimes not easy,
but you’ll always have your ancestors following you from heaven

(refrain х2)

Rehearsals at the Eurovision stage

On Saturday, April 27, representatives of Ukraine had their first rehearsal on the main stage of the 68th Song Contest in Malmo. 

Artists presented a redesigned version of their performance. For instance, the black color palette in their outfits has been replaced by nude shades. Alyona Alyona’s outfit is more sporty and textured, while Jerry Hale’s is more delicate, with an armored accent on the shoulders. This detail emphasizes the line from the song “No matter what, the world is on her shoulders.”

Ukrainian performance on Eurovision 2024 was directed by Tanu Muino, a renowned Ukrainian music video director. Muinoʼs portfolio includes music videos for Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Katy Perry, The Weeknd and Post Malone, Harry Styles, Sam Smith, and Jennifer Lopez.

Second rehearsal at the Eurovision stage.

alyona alyona & Jerry Heil

Ukraine’s representatives at Eurovision 2024, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil, have each forged different yet equally fascinating paths to success.

Photo: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil

Today, alyona alyona is the most well-known female rapper in Ukraine with over 70 released tracks and a place in Forbes’ European 30 Under 30 list, as well as a co-founder of the local major label that Eurovision 2022 winners Kalush Orchestra are signed with. However, a couple of years ago, she used to work as an educator at a kindergarten in her hometown of Baryshivka, the Kyiv region.

alyona alyona’s musical career began in 2018 when she released the music video for her ironic song Rybki. When a debut album, Pushka, was published the next year, it became well-known locally and across Europe. Since then, alyona alyona has made appearances at a number of European festivals and showcases, making history as the first Ukrainian performer on some of them.

Jerry Heil rose to prominence in the Ukrainian music scene within just four years of starting her video blog. She is now one of the most popular artists and songwriters in Ukraine with her own label, over 175.5 million views on her official YouTube channel in the past year, and over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify (which made her, in fact, the most popular Ukrainian artist on the platform).

In 2023, Jerry Heil was recognized as the Public Choice category laureate of the Music Moves Europe Awards, and this year, she was already a member of the jury. The artist is also one of the few Ukrainians who managed to enter Berklee College of Music in the US.

Photo: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil
Photo: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil

In 2022, alyona alyona & Jerry Heil released their joint album Dai Boh, featuring tracks in partnership with several European artists, in particular Monika Liu, who performed from Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. In just one year of collaboration, they launched eight tracks, held a joint tour in the United States, and topped the charts of many streaming platforms, with the total number of listens to their joint tracks reaching more than 50 million.

In Ukraine and Europe, artists have jointly initiated numerous social projects and provided assistance to volunteer centers that support women, children, and internally displaced persons.

A driver of good deeds

Ukraine’s representatives will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time since the full-scale invasion. Every time, Ukrainian artists use this opportunity to help their fellow citizens. 

“In 2022, Kalush Orchestra sold their famous crystal microphone and pink panama hat, and in 2023, TVORCHI and UNITED24 raised funds to support children born with heart defects. This year, the representatives of Ukraine, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil, have again chosen an important social mission and are raising funds to rebuild the Velykokostromska gymnasium”, said Oksana Skybinska, Head of the Ukrainian delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Unfortunately, many educational institutions were destroyed or damaged due to the hostilities. Velykokostromska gymnasium in the Dnipropetrovsk region was destroyed by a Russian missile on October 11, 2022. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, together with the UNITED24 fundraising platform, Visa, and Oschadbank, will raise 10,000,000 UAH to rebuild the Velykokostromska gymnasium and to help 250 children return there.

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