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Let’s talk about Ukrainian architecture! Ukraine is a must-visit place for the lovers of modernist and brutalist architecture: many fine examples of such buildings still exist in Ukraine. Must-visit examples include monumental mosaics from the 1960-70s, which used to be a key feature of modernist architecture.

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In Ukraine, these mosaics often carried the inherent features of the local visual tradition and thus became a medium for dissent. A campaign #savekyivmodernism is trying to raise public interest to support preservation efforts.Read the comprehensive research of the Soviet Modernism’s heritage by Alex Bykov and Ievgeniia Gubkina if you want to know more on the subject.

On the subject of contemporary architecture, Ukrainian architects are definitely bold enough to make their own way on the world stage. They think globally, yet still implement the best of the local spirit in their projects. The teams of architects and designers project stylish restaurants, hotels, offices, creative hubs, private apartments, among other projects.

The most renowned architects and local urbanists gather annually at the CANactions International Architecture Festival, one of the largest architecture events in Europe. The festival hosts talks, exhibitions, discussions, urban walks, and masterclasses. Come here to join the dialogue around innovative approaches for creating more liveable places.

CANactions International Architecture Festival, 2019
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Serhii Makhno is a contemporary Ukrainian architect, designer, ceramist, and collector. Founder of Kyiv-based studio Sergey Makhno Architects and cultural project Makhno Art Foundation. For 17 years, he has been dedicating his works to glorifying Ukrainian contemporary style to world recognition. The goal of Sergey Makhno Architects is to change the course of events, returning to Ukrainian culture the right of world leadership, certainty, and originality.

Dmytro Aranchii made his name for himself in parametric architecture. His studio implements modern science to develop cutting-edge algorithms to optimize functionality, cost, and spatial qualities. The studio takes part in international competitions in Spain, Poland, Germany, Teheran and gained publications in numerous media.  

Visiting Kyiv, you`ll definitely come to one of the places projected by balbek bureau founded by Slava Balbek. They create socially-sustainable spaces, as they name it. Slava Balbek among others is well-known for his love for breathing life in the old buildings, be it food market located in the building of the former military arsenal built in Kyiv, a pub in the former industrial block in Lviv, or former Roman Catholic Church in San Francisco, USA.

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