Urban tourism or wildlife experience? Ancient castles or modern festivals? Seaside holiday or mountain hiking? It’s hard to believe — but Ukraine has it all. And many more surprises you wouldn’t expect!
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Getting bored? Never heard of it in Ukraine!
Cultural lover, fan of food&wine tours or just an adventurer? Be sure — we’ll find something for you.
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Today Ukraine is a place where the creative elite is born. The place where hundreds of thousands of talented people live and work. Artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, architects, videographers. They create not only the future of their country. They create the future of the world.


In Ukraine we know for sure: the way to a guest's heart is through his stomach! Especially if our gastronomic specialties are accompanied by our distinguished wine selection. And they definitely are!
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Ukraine is not one of those countries which immediately springs to mind when you think about wine production. Instead, Ukraine is one of those wine countries which should be thought of as a “hidden gem”. Your expectations are almost certain to be exceeded.
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Kolonist Vineyard
Shabo Vineyard
Chateu Chizay Vineyard
Beykush Winery
Biologist Vineyard
Koblevo Winery
Prince Trubetskoi Winery


The lands that make up Ukraine’s modern territory are home to thousands of mysteries and the stories of hundreds of peoples, states and cultures. Over the centuries, heroic and dramatic plots have taken place here – the formation and destruction of civilizations, the intermingling and confrontations of nations, wars, revolutions, cultural decline and revival.
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