The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. A recent survey says it is the native language for 78% of people living in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians are bilingual in their everyday life, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the general attitude toward the language question in Ukraine. 

Firstly in 2014, with a new wave in 2022, even more Ukrainians realised Russian is a language of aggressor and decided to switch to Ukrainian. Russian native speakers take classes in the Ukrainian language or simply ask Ukrainian-speaking friends to support them. There are numerous free learning options for internally displaced people offered by their compatriots.  

There are other indigenous people in Ukraine – Crimean Tatars, Karaites, and Krymchaks. They speak their native languages, respectively. Among foreign languages, Ukrainians mostly choose English, Polish, German, and French. 

This site has not been updated since the morning of February 24. At this time, Russia invaded Ukraine. From that very moment, Ukrainians “froze” at the end of winter. Do not look away from the war

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