This relatively new form of Christmas entertainment has already won the hearts of Ukrainians as well as our guests. In Ukraine we believe that the implementation of the Christmas market concept is an important part of our European Integration. This is a joke of course (or is it?).

Nowadays almost every Ukrainian city or big town has its own Christmas market in its center.

Highlights that make our markets special:

  • In Ukraine we offer not only mulled wine but also lots of grilled food. Yes, grilled meat or vegetables in the depth of winter. Isn’t it charming?
St. Nicholas on Lviv Christmas fair 2019
Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn, Shutterstock
  • The decorative arts have a rich tradition in Ukraine. You will definitely find lots of housewares and ceramics adorned with traditional Petrykivka artwork. Petrykivka paintings originate from the 17th century and the art form is now formally recognised in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as of 2013. These days it is a well-known Ukrainian brand that is recognised all over the world. Even Starbucks drew inspiration from this Ukrainian art-form which can be seen in the design of their Christmas cups.
Christmas tree toys on Lviv christmas fair
Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn, Shutterstock
  • Ukrainian Christmas Markets are not just places to buy gifts, drink wine and eat well – they are also venues for concerts, places for workshops and Christmas performances. So be ready to immerse yourself deep into Ukrainian Christmas traditions while sipping on yet another cup of mulled wine. 
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