From cutting edge work in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, natural language processing and nanotechnologies through to highly commercial joint ventures in blockchain, FinTech, big data management, gaming, agritech, e-commerce, e-gaming, martech, spacetech – Ukraine’s IT and innovation industry make it a natural choice for investors in these sectors. 

Ukraine is able to provide companies with high-level technology services combined with fresh ideas, helping international firms become globally competitive and to stay on top of the pace of digital transformation.

With a sustainable growth rate of 20-25% the Ukrainian IT sector is streets ahead of the average growth rate in most other countries. This growth has led to IT emerging as Ukraine’s third-largest export market behind agriculture and metallurgy.

Photo: MacPaw

By establishing an R&D footprint in Ukraine, companies in any vertical sector can turbocharge their innovation and productivity goals. More than 100 global players have already located their R&D facilities in Ukraine, including Samsung, Microsoft, Snap, Magento, Plarium, Boeing, Siemens, Google, Oracle, Rakuten, Reddit, GitLab, Wargaming and Ericsson. 

When it comes to innovation, Ukraine is ranked 2nd in the region and in the top 50 globally, according to the Global Innovation Index. 

And there is much more to come. 

Photo: Anton Filonenko, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Since 2019 Ukraine has been implementing a new government program – “A State in a Smartphone”. The idea is as simple as it sounds: every citizen should be able to remedy any government-related issue online, vin one-click and preferably from a smartphone. The main application “Diia” (“Action”) won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2020 as its significant potential continues to develop. Online approaches to citizen engagement are even more relevant in times of a global pandemic. Another major benefit of the program: a state in a smartphone can’t be corrupted! 

Invest in innovations – invest in tomorrow!

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