On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
This website has not been updated since then. Learn more about the months of heroic resistance on war.ukraine.ua or stay here to discover Ukraine as it was – and will be again in peaceful times – beautiful, free, and full of opportunities.
Do not look away from the war
Odesa Sea Port. Ruslan Voznesenskyi (Samovarov) / ukraine.ua/imagebank


Ukraine is open to trade! It is among the top countries open for trade with 18 free trade agreements for 46 countries (including DCFTA with EU, FTAs with UK, EFTA, Canada, Israel and others. On-going negotiations with Turkey). No post-entry quarantine will be needed. The Ukrainian economic openness index is 90% and counting. Our goal is to make your trade with Ukraine as simple as it could be. 

Ukraine is the largest country located entirely within Europe — 603,500 square km. It has easy access to the top European business centres (under 2500 km to London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm), systematically improving quality of roads, well-developed infrastructure — 13 seaports, 16 river ports, 20 airports, 19700 km of railways).

Developing infrastructure in Ukraine, Mykolaiv city
Photo: Ivan Anufriev, ukraine.ua/imagebank

Ukraine has well-educated and high-skilled talents. The largest IT engineering workforce in Central Europe (130,000 engineering graduates, and 16000 IT graduates annually, over 4000 tech companies, and 2000+ startups). A world player in agriculture, developed energy, metallurgy, chemicals, manufacturing, massive innovative industrial base, booming IT and high-tech sector. Here are some of Ukraine’s global positions in the world agriculture export and minerals extraction:

#1 sunflower oil export in 2019/2020
#2 rapeseed, millet, barley, peas export in 2019/2020
#3 walnut, apple juice concentrate export in 2019/2020
#4 honey, corn, wheat export in 2019/2020
#6 titanium, kaolins extraction in 2020
#7 iron extraction in 2020
#9 manganese, graphite, uranium extraction in 2020

Sand quarry in Kharkiv region
Photo: Denys Makogon, ukraine.ua/imagebank

Talented human capital, location, cost-competitiveness, and availability of free trade agreements with the global markets provide great sourcing opportunities for foreign buyers and make it a fast-developing manufacturing platform.

In 2020, Ukraine exported $59 billion of goods and services.

TOP Ukraine’s exporting sectors in 2020:

Food and agriculture – 45,1%
Iron and steel products – 18,3%
Machinery – 11% 
Mineral products – 10,8% 
Chemicals – 5,5% 
Wood and paper – 3,7% 
Miscellaneous manufactured articles – 3,4%
Apparel and footwear – 2,2%

Ukraine is a world player in agriculture export
Photo: Ruslan Voznesenskyi (Samovarov), ukraine.ua/imagebank

The TOP-10 Ukraine’s export destination countries in 2020:

European Union – 37,1%
China – 12,3%
Russia – 9%
Turkey – 4,4%
United States – 4% 
India – 3,5%
Egypt – 2,8% 
Belarus – 2,4% 
Israel – 1,3% 
United Arab Emirates – 1,3%

Ukraine is set to become the world’s food security guarantor. It is naturally endowed with 33% of the world’s black soil and a favourable climate that enables a broad range of agricultural production, as well as sustainable traditions thereof. Ukraine is already well known for being one of the top world producers and exporters of cereal grains and vegetable oils, honey and walnuts, poultry meat and butter. Other food categories that you can source from Ukraine include fruits, berries and vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, meat and milk products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Over the last years, Ukraine has also become one of the biggest organic food suppliers to Europe (#2 to the EU after China).

Ukrainian wheat field, Chernivtsi region
Photo: Max Kozmenko, ukraine.ua/imagebank

Ukraine has long-standing traditions in the machinery sector owing to significant reserves of raw materials,  developed metallurgy and an educated labour force. An extensive network of machine-building enterprises is involved in the production of mining equipment, railway rolling stock, farm equipment, turbo propellers, gas turbines, machine tools, aircraft engines, instrumentation for the light and food industries. ⅔ of machinery Gross Value Added originated from vehicle manufacturing, in particular, aircraft and spacecraft, related parts and equipment.

Ukraine is among the top-10 countries in conducting IT-friendly reforms (according to the World Bank). The IT sector in Ukraine is booming with a growth rate of over 20% in 2020. According to the Good Country Index, Ukraine’s Science&Technology Global Contribution is ranked at the 1st place in 2018, which accounts for the robust development of Ukraine’s IT industry. Ukrainian IT market is represented by IT service and IT product companies, working in data management, telecom, cloud, gaming, e-commerce, media, finance, healthcare, travel, retail and other sectors.What is more, Ukraine has booming creative industries, which already account for 3.95% of the country’s value-added. Design, audiovisual art, publishing and advertising, traditional crafts — all ready for cooperation with foreign partners.

Looking for a Ukrainian partner?

The Export Promotion Office (EPO) of Ukraine is a government agency that offers professional sourcing services free of charge. Upon the client’s request, the EPO offers a list of verified companies according to requirements. The Office can also help establish communication between the importer and a Ukrainian company, and arrange business meetings if a foreign importer decides to meet a Ukrainian supplier of goods, components, subcomponents, services, or technology solutions.

Please contact [email protected] for information and learn more on trade with Ukraine on Export Web Portal.

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