Ukraine is open for business. No post-entry quarantine will be needed.

Ukrainian economic openness index is 90% and counting.

Our goal is to make trading relationships with Ukraine as simple as they could be.

On this page we gathered significant trade statistics and major reasons to buy from Ukraine.Hope you will find it useful. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Launch your trade relationship with Ukraine NOW to secure a good bargain. A good stroke of business and a fair trade await you.

Ukraine has signed free trade agreements with 46 countries. To name a few:

● Canada
● European Union
● State of Israel (coming into force on Jan 1, 2021)
● EFTA – European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland)

Top export products of Ukraine in 2019
The TOP-5 Ukraine’s export destination countries in 2019

TOP-5 reasons to choose Ukraine as your exporter: 

  1. We are eager to do business. And we know for sure: there is always room for negotiation.
  2. We keep improving our business climate. Consistent reform progress as well as expanding competitive landscape make trading with Ukraine secure, comfortable and cost effective.
  3. We do love digital solutions. You will enjoy Ukrainian high level fintech ecosystem. Time-saving and user friendly.
  4. We are ready to play first fiddle in the global agricultural market. Our goal is not just to export more, but to turn Ukraine into a real guarantor of global food security.
  5. We are well placed. A unique location on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East turns Ukraine into a new growing Eurasian market hub.

Did you know that…

  1. Modern Ukraine pays considerable attention to gender issues. In 2017 SHExports platform was launched and Ukraine ratified joint declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment.
  2. Economy-wide liberalizing reforms and fruitful cooperation with the EU in terms of the Association Agreement have already paved the way for Ukraine to start ACCA negotiations!
    Joining the ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) will simplify exports of the Ukrainian goods to the EU making expensive and time-robbing certifying procedures a relic of history. The first ACCA expert mission is planned to land in Ukraine already in March 2021.
  3. Ukraine’s government has defined focus areas that are crucial for the economic success of the country.
    And the government Oscars go to… agriculture, IT, creative industries, innovation and technology, transport and infrastructure.

In these fields state support and incentives will be increased.

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