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Do not look away from the war
Cover photo: Esper Bionics


Ukraine is deservedly called a nation of inventors and innovators. Getting pure water in desert conditions? Living in a prefabricated 100% sustainable home? Using medical tools that understand needs? Ukrainian engineers and dedicated inventors have already proven that the mission is possible in the right hands. Here we have some world-class Ukrainian innovative products that make our life better.

E-bike by Delfast — electric and safe

Delfast electric bikes with 236 miles (!) on a single charge support various power modes and a system that makes you feel assistance when you push the pedals. These modes help you explore all the motor’s power on the racing track and even comply with the local rules abroad. In addition, it is a safe vehicle, ensured with proper lights to navigate at night and feel convenient and protected. 

Photo: Delfast

Effa brush — 100% clean

Effa makes our planet green again! It is a disposable eco-toothbrush produced from recycled paper and ecological materials, and this brush is 100% clean. While hotels throw away over six tons of disposable toothbrushes annually around the globe, Effa brush is a new solution with care for nature. The main ingredients of the brush are eco-clean pill toothpaste, paper, castor oil-based bristles, and water-resistant biodegradable material.

Video: Effa

Esper Hand — a prosthesis that understands the needs

Esper Bionics developed the first prosthesis that learns and understands users. Esper Hand is the first prosthetic hand that uses a Machine Learning approach to establish a stable control for each user. The prosthesis will recognize the situation in which the user is and intuitively select the correct grip. The hand’s design allows replicating a human hand’s shape, being affordable for users, and simplifying the service by replacing a component in 5-10 minutes even at home.

Video: Esper Bionics

Hushme — the world’s first voice mask for smartphones

Been in a situation when you needed to answer or make an essential call without bothering people around or letting them listen to the conversation? Hushme is an innovation that helps avoid such inconvenience. Unlike alternative solutions, Hushme preserves speech privacy and reduces noise pollution conveniently and effectively. It has three modes: normal headset mode, passive voice muffling mode and active voice masking mode.

Photo: Hushme

PassivDom — the Internet of houses

PassivDom (Haus.me) is a zero-carbon housing solution for hot and cold conditions that uses only solar energy. This intelligent house is prefabricated itself. It has incredibly high energy efficiency with low thermal losses. PassivDom’s frame is produced by additive 3D printing technology, and it is a one-piece detail without connections! The home is so smart that it can easily apply home energy management and make its own decisions based on AI. 

Photo: Haus.me

SolarGaps — green energy at a safe home

SolarGaps is an innovative solar blind technology that helps produce green energy. The blinds are made from aluminium and use electricity-generating solar panels. They are also smart and can automatically track the sun. So if you want to have a smart alarm clock, that is included! As well as protection from external influences in the house, shading rooms and saving air conditioning. But the most beneficial is that these solar panels generate green energy. 

Photo: SolarGaps

Smart Oasis — zero-waste water production

Smart Oasis is a solar-powered and sustainable modular system for independent zero-carbon water production and optimizing food growing. There are 3 different product types. The first one is water fountains that produce 55 litres of water per day with no waste. Another is for smart farming – an autonomous greenhouse that can grow 3000 kg of greens per year even right in a desert with water access. The last is solar, which can increase the productivity of the solar park by 25% and cut human labour expenses.

Photo: Smart Oasis

UGEARS — more than just toys

In its wooden models, UGEARS employs many innovations. For example, a new connection method, which was recognized as a unique invention and licensed globally. The mechanisms hidden inside these wooden self-assembly toys are so tiny that you always stay amazed by the magic of moving gears. The greatest thing about these toys is the process — when the model’s gears start rotating and show the first spark of life.


The list of modern Ukrainian innovations does not constitute an official ranking. Instead, it is based on the catalogue of Ukrainian innovative products, parts 1 & 2

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