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Going digital has become Ukraine’s flagship topic and the state priority during the last year. Taking the lead internally, the Ministry of Digital Transformation has the ambition to make Ukraine a world champion in being digital, and we are already the first ones who can use digital IDs with absolutely no restrictions within the country! Here is the four key projects of the Ministry.


Diia is a new level of interaction between the state and citizens: convenient, invisible, humane. It is the only brand that combines a mobile application with access to citizens’ digital documents, and a single portal of public services for the population and business. The main goal is to make 100% public services available online. As of the 1 of April 2021, almost 4.5 million Ukrainians have updated the Diia 2.0 application. There are more than 3.6 million users of the Diia portal by now — over 50 government services are available online. 

Mobile application Diia 2.0 allows Ukrainians to access 9 digital documents in total. Just recently, Ukraine has become the first country with a digital ID that is totally valid and can be used everywhere within the country! And all digital documents in Diia now have the same legal force as their plastic or paper counterparts. Using the Diia app, Ukrainians can also share digital copies of the documents, and pay debts or fines.

Lauching the Diia app
Photo: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Diia portal proves that if the service does not exist online, it will not exist at all! That is why some business processes are going digital as well. There you can experience the fastest business registration in the world — you need only 10-15 minutes to become an entrepreneur in Ukraine, and 30 minutes to found a limited liability company. The service has already been used by 250,000 private entrepreneurs and more than 2,500 companies. On Diia portal, you can obtain permits and licenses as well. The next goal — automatic business registration. Ukraine is also a world leader in the number of available online services for parents of newborns — we are going digital even here! The service eMalyatko (“eBaby”) allows us to receive up to 9 services related to the birth of a child in 20 minutes just by 1 application.

In 2021, Diia updates will be dedicated to new services, because the most necessary documents are already there, just several clicks away!


The big goal of the Diia.Business project is to build a full-fledged, efficient, and effective ecosystem for the development of small and medium enterprises. It includes two components – an online component, website Diia.Business, and an offline one, Entrepreneur Support Centers Diia.Business in the regions

The Diia.Business website is a one-stop-shop — the only place where potential and active entrepreneurs can get all the information to develop their own business. The Diia.Business website has lots of functions and useful digital services for potential and existing entrepreneurs. Here you can find opportunities, over 200 services, online courses, cases and news, suggestions from partners, a map of business support infrastructure, and more. And above that, you can choose among 59 types of free online consultations, read a virtual encyclopedia for entrepreneurs, and even get 100+ ideas to start your own business in Ukraine!

As part of the Diia.Business project, Entrepreneur Support Centers Diia.Business in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv, a consultation stand in Cherkasy, and a center for students at the Taras Shevchenko National University were opened. Entrepreneur Support Center Diia.Business is a consulting area, event, training platform, and a Pop-Up (product test) location at the same time! From 7 to 14 more centers in different regions of Ukraine are coming during 2021.

Дія City 
Diia City 

Ukraine’s IT sector provides about 4% of the country’s GDP and almost a quarter of Ukrainian export of services. In 2019, Ukraine was in 12th place among the largest exporters of IT services globally, and the vast majority of Ukrainian IT companies are outsourcers who provide their services to foreign customers, being selected, among other benefits, for highly qualified specialists who can ensure the quality realization of large and complex technological tasks.

Photo: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Diia City is a particular legal framework for the IT industry, which introduces incentives for its development and provides comfortable tax and legal conditions as well as a flexible form of cooperation with IT specialists. It also includes additional mechanisms to protect the property and rights of residents. 

Diia City goals
Photo: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Diia City is often called the driver of Ukraine’s economy. It is projected that the introduction of a special regime will allow the IT industry to increase revenues from $6 billion to $16.5 billion in 5 years. According to the authors of the concept, the IT industry’s share in GDP will reach 10%, and the number of jobs will increase to 450,000. The state will have every chance to become the largest IT hub in Eastern Europe. In turn, the growth of investment, including venture capital, will let Ukraine create its own global IT products. Diia City will be a recipe for success for the whole country. It is anticipated that after the successful implementation of the special regime, similar projects can be implemented in other sectors of the economy. The authors of the concept believe that DIIA City will receive its first residents by the end of the year.

Дія.Цифрова освіта
Diia.Digital Education

With the introduction of electronic documents available in the Diia mobile application, the need for mastering basic digital skills increases. To make every citizen feel comfortable in the digital state, to have easy access to all online services, and be successful in job hunting, the national project Diia.Digital Education was launched. It is designed to provide knowledge on using computer devices, communication on the Internet, and other digital literacy skills which become vital in the digitalizing world. 

Diia.Digital Education has two components. The online component is a national platform Diia.Digital Education with more than 50 series in edutainment format where experts and celebrities star. The platform covers a vast range of topics – from payment of bills to conducting online classes during lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic when there is almost no other options apart from going digital. Over 500,000 users have already signed in to the platform. The offline component is a network of hubs based on the partner’s institutions — libraries, Administrative services centers, and educational centers, where anyone can improve their digital skills with the help of qualified trainers and free access to the platform.

On the Diia.Digital Education platform users also can assess their level of digital literacy by Digigram, which is a national test that helps Ukrainians to test their digital skills and understand which ones they need to work on. After the test, the user will receive an electronic certificate with the level of their digital competencies: from the basic A1 to the advanced C2. The certificate can be added to the CV. It gives an advantage in job hunting, as more and more employers require candidates to have digital skills. Lifelong learning rules!

Impressed how Ukraine is going digital? Join the trend!

Communications Team of the
Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Alesia Didenko, Diia Communications Manager
Anastasiia Humeniuk, Diia.Business Communications Manager
Olena Koval, Diia City Communications Manager
Каteryna Hanenko, Diia.Digital Education Communications Manager

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