Photo: Yevhenii Chasovenko,


I am free. Like a breeze by the Black Sea coast in the late summer. Like a Carpathian wind shivering from the wild horses run. Like raindrops that mirror the souls of millions I met. Touched. Lost. Saved. Admired.

I am here for the future, not for the past. I live for a better tomorrow for the world and my people — brave, diligent, honest. Whose stories root back to the almost unknown but who are here and now. I am a partner to those who need support and those striving to make a good change.

I remember everything. The memories spin with pictures of years, decades, centuries, thousands of years I witnessed. I am everywhere. I own no limits for talent, creativity, strength, courage.

I love. I love mornings and nights. West and east, north and south. Truly. Unconditionally. Everyone. Everything in me. I am unexplored. People say life is not enough, but the floor is yours. Just try — and you will have this memory with you forever. I am always grateful for the good memories.

This is my day. This is the day of absolute freedom. 100% clean, raw, ultimate, sacred.

I follow my way.

Yesterday, today, and every day. I am independent. I am Ukraine.

Photo: Anna Paliukh,

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