This highly respected and always popular area of study has a lot to offer. You’ll receive a comprehensive education in Ukraine that will definitely become your gateway to a global career! 

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Information technologies

You may well have heard about Ukraine’s successful and well-regarded IT-sector. Guess where all these tech ninjas got their education? Exactly – it was here in Ukraine!

Find out more about the opportunities that await you in the fields of IT here.

Agricultural science and food

You might think that Ukraine gained its reputation as a global agricultural powerhouse only due to its fertile land. However, we prefer the formula “brains and grains”. A wealth of knowledge awaits you in this area.

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Cover photo: Ukrainian Catholic University

The full list of programs and courses is here.

This site has not been updated since the morning of February 24. At this time, Russia invaded Ukraine. From that very moment, Ukrainians “froze” at the end of winter. Do not look away from the war

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