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Best places to visit in Ukraine in autumn

Looking for the best places to visit in Ukraine in autumn? Places that have an abundance of beautiful nature, a rich culture, and lots of tourist attractions? Here are Ukraine’s top destinations to explore:

The Carpathian Mountains, a perfect wild nature spot

Take a deep breath! Welcome to the Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathians are without a doubt a place of power. It’s a crinkled region of forested hills, fast-flowing rivers, and mountain lakes, the fresh air of dense pine forests, and adorable alpine villages beckon travelers from all over the world. 

Autumn Carpathians
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If you are considering sightseeing in the Carpathians, you definitely won’t be disappointed. There are lots of tourist routes with different difficulty levels, nature, and landscape parks. You can make your way to Hoverla — the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians — in 6-8 hours. It stands at a height of 2,061 meters (6761 feet).

You can also get to the top of the Pip Ivan Mountain and check out the observatory there — it was built in 1938 and served as an astronomical and meteorological station. Or you can rent a cottage next to Synevyr Lake, a real natural wonder of Ukraine that was formed about 10 thousand years ago. 

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Feel the authentic colorful folk culture in the markets of Yaremhe and Vorokhta, both are top tourist destinations in Ukraine. What about local food? Feast on local specialities including banusz (creamy cornmeal topped with sheep-milk cheese, pork rind, and mushrooms) or special mushroom broth in Hrybova Hata restaurant.

Have you ever tasted Ukrainian wine? Visit Chateau Chizay, a unique center of winemaking surrounded by 272 hectares of vineyards near the town of Berehove in Transcarpathia. These vineyards respect local traditions but have been educated by the best of modern winemaking in Europe.

The road in the Carpathian mountains
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Located in the heart of the Carpathians, Bukovel is one of Ukraine’s top recreation centers. It is easy to get there from either Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk international airports. Bukovel has a well-developed infrastructure and offers a wide range of activities when people visit for wellness and SPA activities.

Don’t miss a chance to explore an open-air year-round pool with regulated temperatures at the VODA club. This season the Carpathian Mountains will be hosting the special edition Atlas Weekend Bukovel. The mountains will come alive to the sound of music in an immersive, emotional way! 

The Carpathian Mountains, one of our best places to visit in Ukraine, are already waiting for you this season!

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

Visit Kyiv, a place where the rhythm of history meets a modern urban vibe! It’s #KyivNotKiev by the way! Ancient (more than 1500 years!). Trendy. Ageless. Feel Kyiv’s timeless spirit in the very center of the city by checking out St. Sophia Cathedral, the Kyivan Rus monument of architecture, and monumental paintings dating back to the 11th century. You can also check out St. Andrew’s Church, a rare masterpiece of rococo architecture that stands on a hill in the historic center of Kyiv with a fantastic view of the Dnipro river. 

St. Andrews Church
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Autumn in Ukraine is the perfect time for walks in numerous parks and botanical gardens of Kyiv city, and not only on foot.

The roofs of Khreshchatyk street
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Want to try local Ukrainian food? Borscht, varenyky or Chicken Kyiv (often called Chicken Kiev as well)? Ukrainian restaurant SHO is a great place with an authentic interior providing a perfect backdrop to try traditional food.

Explore more with Kyiv Food Market, a modern city space with lovely terraces that gather more than 20 different restaurants under one roof. Try some Ukrainian wine at Like a Local’s wine bar, the first wine bar that gathered 50+ Ukrainian wines from 13 wineries. 

Kyiv Food Market
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Another location that is worth visiting in Kyiv is VDNG, a masterpiece of Soviet neo-Baroque architecture and a big city hub with cafes, a concert hall, and outdoor stages, a spherical cinema, a horseback riding school, and a huge park zone.

The venue is also home to Atlas Weekend, the largest international music festival in the country, and to Kurazh Bazaar with its charity events. Feel the city vibe with KYIVNESS, a vintage market that has grown into a major progressive event, joined by media, lectures, and a series of urban events. 

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Your visit to the city is a perfect reason to discover more about Ukrainian fashion designer Ruslan Baginskiy and his iconic hats at the store in Kyiv. Gunia Project presents exceptional ceramics, accessories, and other items embodying traditional ethnic culture. They make great modern souvenirs from Ukraine that perfectly fit the needs of everyday life. 

Visit Kyiv and get a perfect getaway for your weekend!

Lviv, the cultural center of Western Ukraine 

Lviv is definitely among the best places to visit in Ukraine. It is bursting at the seams with cultural life. It’s a city of legends. Amazing architecture, trams, a myriad of coffee flavors, bars with homemade liqueurs, tiny courtyards, and cobbled streets, a big tech hub — Lviv is a place that will inspire you. 

Beautiful Lviv from top
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There are 60 museums and 104 cathedrals and churches. Take a walk in the city center and enjoy the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet which is a shining example of the Neo-Renaissance style in architecture. Then go straight to the Market Square at the historic center of Lviv, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Enjoy the wonderful view of the city from the top of the Ratusha (City hall) opened in 1851. 

Coffee culture is like a special religion here. Lviv has long been known as the coffee capital of Ukraine. Legend has it that a Lviv native first introduced coffee into the Viennese culture, thus making the city the spiritual home of Eastern European coffee culture as a whole. Try some coffee at iconic Svit Kavy or go to Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture to get some coffee spiced with adventure. 

Lviv syrnyk. The most popular cheesecake in Western Ukraine

Since the Middle Ages,  Lviv has been well-known for its chocolate. Have a taste at the Lviv Handmade Chocolate shop. Lviv’s local speciality is ‘syrnyk’, a Ukrainian-style cheesecake made from fresh cottage cheese. Lviv is the culinary capital of Ukraine with an extraordinary number of catering places of high service and amusing concepts.

Baczewski Restaurant is a place that transfers visitors into the merry Lviv at the beginning of the last century. It promotes local traditions and tells the history of the city and, of course, Galician cuisine. Try some juicy pork ribs at the restaurant called Arsenal Ribs and Spirits. Don’t be surprised — the waiters don’t serve you with any cutlery, so you eat with your hands. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Try the taste of Lviv beer. Lvivske is the oldest brand of Ukrainian beer and has been produced since 1715. It is brewed according to a traditional recipe that has not changed for almost 300 years. Visit Beer Cultural Experience Center Lvivarnya to plunge into the history of production and consumption of this drink. Or try some cold craft beer at Beer Theatre Pravda which has won 14 world beer awards. 

Lviv is also home to numerous festivals, concerts, and events, including the Leopolis Jazz Festival, BookForum, and Lviv Coffee Festival. Looking for some relaxation? Take a ride to Edem Resort Medical & Spa or move to Bukovel, one of Ukraine’s top destinations, to explore the Carpathian Mountains and experience a wide range of diverse activities.

Go festive in Lviv!

Kherson region, a land of beautiful nature 

The Kherson region is a perfect mix of great history, legendary architecture, and truly unique Ukrainian nature sights.

Kherson air view
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Kherson city is calling! Take a look at the most famous sights of the city — the fortress park and 240 years old Ochakiv gate. Kherson is rich in gastronomic delicacies. Try the grilled watermelon which is served with spices and cheese — perhaps the most unusual seasonal local dish you will ever try. Here you have a great chance to do Ukrainian wine tasting in the building of the historic chateau of Prince Trubetskoy Winery.

Pink lakes, Kherson region, Ukraine
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The Kherson region is one of the most attractive regions of Ukraine washed by the Black and Azov seas, as well as the Gulf of Syvash (Glacial Sea) and Kakhovka Reservoir. The areas include 200 km of the Black and Azov sea coast with beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can find fantastic Pink lakes, the uninhabited island Dzarylhach with dolphins playing in coastal waters, or the 700 meters coastline of Arabat Spit.

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Ukraine has five biosphere reserves and two of them are located in the Kherson region — Askania-Nova and Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. 

Wild antelope in the Askania-Nova reserve, Kherson region, Ukraine
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The Biosphere Reserve ‘Askania Nova’ is the oldest and the biggest virgin steppe reservation in Europe. It was founded in 1898 and listed in the hundred most famous protected areas on the planet. The biological diversity of ecosystems include more than 500 species of plants and over 3,000 animal species. It takes two hours to get to Askania-Nova from Kherson by car to enjoy a Ukrainian safari!

Another beautiful spot is the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. It is the largest nature reserve in Ukraine which consists of mainland areas, over 20 islands, and two bays — Tendrivska and Yagorlytska. The main idea of this reserve creation was the preservation and protection of unique natural complexes located on its territory. Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is just 42 km from Kherson city, and you can use your car to see all the natural beauty.

Visit the Kherson region and add some bright colours to your voyage!

Odesa, sea pearl of Ukraine

Odesa is a city of love, sun, fun, and beautiful 19th-century architecture. Odesa is always celebrating something. Why come to Odesa? To taste delicious food in its traditional restaurants, to have a relaxing walk by the sea during the daytime, and to experience the real party at night. The first thing you should do is to take a walk passing Derybasivska Street to the city’s absolute must-see highlights — Passage, Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the famous Potemkin Steps that sweep you down to the Black Sea harbor. 

Odesa Passage architecture
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Odesa is an eating and drinking place. There are so many different cuisines, large and small restaurants, and a huge variety of bars. The must-try local dish is ‘forshmak’, a herring spread over rye bread with butter. Check it out at the Odesa Food Market or make it posher with prosecco and oysters at M1 Club Hotel’s sea-view terrace. There are plenty of beaches — some fit for a solitary stroll, but others will not leave you bored. Here you can enjoy a breezy yacht journey to the open Sea or do water sports. 

Kryzhanivka, Odesa region
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Enjoy the best nightlife at Arcadia beach with more than 20 different clubs including the famous Ibiza Beach Club. 

Up for some Ukrainian fine dining? People say, if you haven’t had dinner at Bernardazzi’s restaurant, you haven’t been to Odesa. Yug restaurant serves excellent seafood courses. And don’t miss the opportunity to get familiar with Ukrainian wine from the Odesa region. 

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Visit the popular Wine Culture Center Shabo or the Kolonist Winery. This city is also home to numerous festivals, concerts, and events, such as the Odesa International Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in Eastern Europe, annually gathering internationally renowned celebs. 

Come and experience the real joy in Odesa! Ukraine’s best places to visit in Ukraine are already waiting for you.

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