Photo: Oksana Yermoshenko,

Discover natural wonders

If you are a true nature fan and looking for unique natural wonders to add to your bucket list, travel to Ukraine!

Diversity is undoubtedly a key feature of Ukraine: mountains, forests, sea coasts, endless rivers and lakes, valleys and prairies, pink lakes, and even a desert — Ukraine has it all. 

Below you can find a guide from us to the 5 natural wonders of Ukraine.
Our TOP-5 recommendations for you:

Pink lakes 

Have you ever seen pink lakes? Like, really pink? There are only 49 of these in the world and a few of them — are here in Ukraine. The lakes’ pink color is caused by algae. The lakes are also rich in bromine, magnesium, sodium, and other minerals which makes them healing and useful. The composition of Ukrainian pink salt lakes is pretty similar to the Dead Sea when it comes to the concentration of sea salt — up to 35%. Not only beautiful but also a guaranteed recreational experience! 

Most of the pink lakes are located in the Kherson region that offers much more experiences for tourists. Check it out! 

Pink Lake in Genichesk, Kherson region
photo: Oksana Yermoshenko

Dzharylhach Island 

Dreaming about sea, nature, and wildlife in the surroundings of the uninhabited island, but somewhere in the central part of Europe? Then Dzharylhach Island is the right choice for you! 

Being the biggest uninhabited island in Ukraine, it offers a unique wild nature experience spreading out for 42 km from East to West. Here you can meet deers, mouflons, wild boars, hares, foxes, migrating birds, not to mention Black Sea dolphins.

Near the Dzharylhach island, Kherson region
photo: Stanislav Silich

Oleshkiv sands 

Deserts occurring in the middle of the European continent? There is one in Ukraine. Oleshkiv sands is the second largest desert in Europe with picturesque, crescent-shaped barkhan dunes. Visit it just before sunset and you’ll fall in love with the landscape! 

Synevyr lake 

Synevyr — the largest and deepest alpine lake in Ukraine is surrounded by the magnificent Carpathian mountains. There is a beautiful legend saying that this picturesque lake appeared from the flow of tears of the count’s daughter — Sin, on the place where her beloved, the simple shepherd Vira, was killed by a vicious count.

Come and check if it’s true! 

Aerial view of Lake Synevyr in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine
photo: vvvita, Depositphotos

Tunnel of love

One of the best romantic places in Ukraine — the 5-kilometre green corridor surrounded by trees lined up in an arch, and the old railway track — attracts visitors from all over Ukraine and abroad. You can visit the tunnel during any season, but we strongly recommend you visit in summer or autumn, when nature paints the leaves in incredible colors and shades, from green to gold.

video: Ukraїner

While on vacation, don’t forget to visit Ukraine in search of wonders!

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