On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
This website has not been updated since then. Learn more about the months of heroic resistance on war.ukraine.ua or stay here to discover Ukraine as it was – and will be again in peaceful times – beautiful, free, and full of opportunities.
Do not look away from the war

Facts about Ukraine

Wanna know more about Ukraine? Here are some frequently asked questions and facts about Ukraine.

  1. What is the language in Ukraine?

The official language is Ukrainian. Here are some basic phrases in Ukrainian that might be handy during your stay in Ukraine:

Hi — Привіт /Pryvit/

Hello – Добрий день /Dobryi den’/  

Excuse me — Вибачте /vybachte/

How are you? — Як справи? /Yak spravy/

Very good — Дуже добре /Duzhe dobre/

You are welcome (Будь ласка) — /Bud’ laska/ 

Thanks — Дякую /Dyakuyu/          

Goodbye, formally — (До побачення) /Do pobatchennya/     

  1. What is the population of Ukraine?

Around 41 million people live in Ukraine.

  1. When is the best time to visit Ukraine?

Ukraine has four distinct seasons, all of which are beautiful. Traveling between April to November provides the most pleasant climate and weather in Ukraine. The average temperature in Ukraine in summer ranges between 25-35°C.

  1. What time zone is Ukraine in?

The time zone: UTC+2[9] (EET). The time in Ukraine is 2 hours ahead of London and 1 hour ahead of most of the EU, including Paris and Berlin.

  1. What is the currency of Ukraine? 

The currency is called the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). In the major cities of Ukraine, you can freely use Visa or Mastercard. Currency exchange offices are also widely available. The exchange rate is approximately £1 = 39 UAH, US$1 =27 UAH, €1 = 33 UAH (as of July 5, 2021).

6. What color is the Ukrainian flag?

Ukrainian flag consists of equal horizontal stripes of blue and yellow. 

7. Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit Ukraine. Despite Russian military aggression in the east of the country (that covers only 5% of the territory of Ukraine) and the annexation of Crimea, it’s safe to travel around the rest of the country.

All COVID-related safety measures have been introduced in the hospitality sector in Ukraine. In addition to that, Ukraine has a large territory and low population density so most tourist places are not overcrowded.

You can feel safe in Ukraine! 

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