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Photo: Verholy Relax Park

Indulge yourself in Ukraine’s SPA & wellness centers

Dreaming of a vacation to refresh and recharge? Ukraine is a wonderful destination for relaxing and for taking care of your health. It offers high-quality and affordable spa and wellness experience combined with breathtaking nature. Welcome to the world of relaxation and spa in Ukraine.

The best spa centers are located near big cities like Kyiv, Lviv and in the Carpathian mountains. 

Just 26 kilometers from Lviv, there is a very natural place of strength and health called Edem Resort Medical & Spa. It includes a five-star hotel, a Medical Center for health recovery, a SPA Center, 50 crystal springs that fill the Molodist Lake, an Art Space, a Landscape Sculpture Park, the first golf club in Western Ukraine, vineyards, fruit and vegetable gardens, its own stables and also hunting grounds. 

video: Edem Resort Medical & SPA

If you move to the Carpathians, there are some great spa options in Bukovel. Nestled in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, the Radisson Blu Resort offers you a Wellness & SPA Center with amazing mountain and ski slope views seen from the treatment and relaxation rooms, plus a swimming pool with bar. Don’t miss a chance to explore a year-round open pool with regulated temperatures at the VODA club. After warming up in a sauna or steam room, it’s a wonderful sensation to dive into a warm pool, the temperature of which is 32-36c. VODA club also offers three types of sauna and even a salt cave. 

If you are up for natural spa experiences, don’t forget to visit the hot springs of Kosyno or Berehovo in the Transcarpathian region. Enjoy heated thermal waters saturated with minerals under the sky in any season. 

Kyiv also has you covered when it comes to special Ukrainian spa and wellness locations. The five-star country club Grand Admiral Resort & SPA is located just 15 km from Kyiv in a pine forest within its own secure area of 23 hectares. Tall perennial pine trees, fresh air, a forest lake, a unique landscape, and a variety of wellness & spa services cater to every taste. The club offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa tours and spa weekends, wellness, and sport which makes it a unique location for a special date with a loved one or a relaxing family day. 

There is one more very special option when it comes to short SPA weekends — Verholy Relax Park. This spa-hotel has its own unique concept and is located in the middle of the forest next to Poltava city, just 5 hours drive from Kyiv. They provide guests with hospitality which is much more than just ‘heads on beds’, their vision and values have a real purpose: to protect the environment, to replant the forests, and to grow their own produce. 

What can be better than relaxing in a spa in Ukraine? Well, let us think. Nothing!

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