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Do not look away from the war
Photo: Andriy Yakymenko, ukraine.ua/imagebank

Take a city break to Kyiv, Lviv or Odesa

Ever had that experience of being stuck at home and feeling a growing desire to escape for a weekend? Visiting Ukraine is perfect when you want to take a city break! With a great diversity of tourist spots and activities, it also happens to be very easy to travel to major Ukrainian cities — be it a vibrant city on the seaside, a cultural center, or Ukraine’s capital city — everyone can make a travel itinerary up to their taste in Ukraine. 

So here are some local tips&tricks for your memorable city break in Ukraine.

Rynok Square in Lviv at night
photo: bloodua – Depositphotos

Five things to do on a city break in Kyiv:

  • Explore modern culture as well as the vibrant nightlife scene in the Podil district or on Reytarska Street. Don’t forget to taste Ukrainian wine!
  • Visit the National Art Museum of Ukraine and explore its unique collection of Ukrainian avant-garde 
  • Try Ukrainian borscht or Chicken Kyiv (also known as Chicken Kiev) in one of the many high-quality Ukrainian restaurants in the city center of Kyiv
  • Take a guided walking tour around the city center and behold the many examples of famous Soviet modernist architecture 
  • Take a river cruise to the Kyiv Sea which is an artificial water reservoir, to the north of Kyiv 

    Five things to do on a city break in Lviv:
  • Take a local guide and explore the old part of the city — the whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Try Lviv chocolate and coffee — this city is justly famous for both
  • Go for a spa day at the Edem Resort and leave all your worries and stress behind
  • Enjoy Lviv’s fantastic gastronomic scene — you will be amazed by the diversity and quality of its local restaurants and its cafe culture 
  • Discover Lviv from a rooftop perspective — several restaurants and hotels offer this memorable experience 
Rynok Square in Lviv, Ukraine
photo: Oksana Yermoshenko

Five things to do on a city break in Odesa:

  • Take a long evening walk along the seaside coast in the Arcadia district
  • Go for a wine-tasting experience in one of the biggest wineries in the region — Shabo (it’s just a one hour drive from Odesa) 
  • Try kite or windsurfing in one of the spots near Odesa 
  • Dive into Odesa’s beach nightlife — Ibiza, Itaka and other open-air nightclubs in the Arcadia district are not to be missed 
  • Don’t forget the gastronomic experience — guaranteed wherever you go in Ukraine!
Panorama view over Odesa
photo: Ruslan Voznesenskyi (Samovarov)

Wherever you travel in Ukraine, you’ll have a perfect weekend. Be ready to make your wishlist of activities to try!

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