On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
This website has not been updated since then. Learn more about the months of heroic resistance on war.ukraine.ua or stay here to discover Ukraine as it was – and will be again in peaceful times – beautiful, free, and full of opportunities.
Do not look away from the war
Photo: Yevhen Kudriavtsev, ukraine.ua/imagebank

Taste Ukrainian food & wine

Ukrainian food is one of the best ones in Europe. Give it a chance to surprise you with the outstanding cooking and Ukrainian wine tasting that are on offer.

Ukraine has a delectable culinary culture. Taste Ukraine — from major cities to the countryside — with creative restaurants, lively bar scenes, vibrant food markets, and local wineries.

Chicken Kyiv with mashed potato served on the table with beverages in-restaurant
photo: AntonMatyukha, depositphotos

The restaurants in Ukraine are remarkably diverse. In addition to Ukrainian cuisine with its traditional borscht and Chicken Kyiv (often referred to as Chicken Kiev), there are plenty of others from Israeli and Crimean Tatar to Georgian and Mediterranean that allow everyone to make the best choice. By the way, Ukrainian borscht is already on its way to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Ukrainian varenyky with berries
photo: Yevhen Kudriavtsev

Witness the birth of Ukrainian wine! Every day Ukrainian wine industry continues to grow — explore it from the largest to the smallest family wineries. Check out Ukrainian wine tours! There is no better time than summer to try wine with craft cheeses, meat, or Ukrainian snails and oysters. 

video: NTO Ukraine

Ukrainian coffee culture is booming and emerging as a central element of the new, strong, and vibrant generation of young Ukrainians. In the last five years, dozens of third-wave coffee shops have sprung up around the country. In early September, the Lviv Coffee Festival calls coffee enthusiasts to gather under the gorgeous Pototsky Palace. 

Never tasted Ukrainian food or wine before? Don’t put it off but do it now!

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