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Winter activities in Ukraine

It’s winter in Ukraine. Leave town. Go skiing or try many other winter activities!

One of the best Christmas opportunities in Ukraine is the chance to go to the Carpathian mountains. All of Ukraine’s traditions can be experienced to the max in this place. In the winter season, high mountains and coniferous forests look just fabulous. And the locals are happy to host guests, make their lives brighter and organize celebrations.

Just imagine: a wooden chalet with a cosy fireplace, traditional folk music playing, the scent of house wine and homemade spirits filling the air whilst local Hutsul cuisine is being served up. Then the clock strikes twelve, the New Year begins, and you can leave your chalet to enjoy the calm magic of the snow-covered mountains! 

Drinking morning coffee in the Carpathian forest
Photo: Viacheslav Melnychuk

There is a saying: ‘You’ll spend the coming year in the same way that you celebrated its beginning’. We believe that this fairytale, full of snow and of warm Ukrainian hospitality, makes for a perfect start to the coming year. A traditional German wish ‘guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr’, meaning ‘an effortless slide on a sledge directly into the New Year’, would work exceptionally well for this special occasion.

You’ll find lots of possibilities on how to spend your winter getaway in Western Ukraine. Our top tip: consider Yaremche and Mukachevo. A single glance over these locations will be enough to understand one thing: the day spent there will not be enough, and you will want to return.

Carpathian winter resort
Photo: leonid_tit, Depositphotos

Being one of the most popular Carpathian resorts, Yaremche has many cosy cafes and restaurants. They offer a unique opportunity to taste Hutsul cuisine and celebrate Christmas in an authentic Hutsul atmosphere. Besides, if you are an active-holiday fan, you can improve your skiing and snowboarding skills on site.

Icy river in Yaremche, the Carpathians
Photo: Abdulaxxx, Depositphotos

Mukachevo is another ideal option for a trip full of winter activities. There are so many sights adjacent to each other that you can see a lot of interesting things even in a few days. Moreover, it’s a perfect option if you want to combine cultural experiences with gastronomic delights! After all, the magical winter fairy tale that awaits you there simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Once you are already in the Western region, you might visit Lviv. This magnificent old city becomes even more magical during the Christmas holidays. The highlight of the winter holidays in Lviv is the Christmas Fair. Wooden houses are being placed upon Rynok Square and Svobody Avenue, where you can buy souvenirs and treat yourself to something tasty. Passing by the buildings that have seen centuries, with a cup of coffee or a glass of mulled wine, you can forget about time. You will leave Lviv with beautiful memories and incredible emotions.

Lviv Old Town in winter
Photo: Ivan Kmit, Depositphotos

Also, check out Ukraine’s most popular winter resort – Bukovel. It is an ideal place to celebrate – everything here is created for a bright and unforgettable holiday.

Ski resort Bukovel on Christmas Eve
Photo: kirill_grekov, Depositphotos

In winter, you can not only go skiing (since this resort contains lots of trails of varying difficulty) but also visit a concert or holiday fair. Here you can try one of the most relaxing activities – bathe in a steaming bath outside and forget about everyday worries for a while.

Panorama of the Carpathians mountains landscape, winter ski resort Bukovel
Photo: anatoliy_gleb, Shutterstock

That’s how we celebrate winter in Ukraine! We hope this year you will join us to have a holiday of a lifetime and experience a wonderland of winter activities to the fullest!

Text by Kseniia Malyshenko and Mariia Zavada

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